What is GitcoinDAO

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What is GitcoinDAO

More info - GitcoinDAO 101 - workstreams

Why GitcoinDAO

In 2018, I knew Gitcoin and I was inspired by its Mission - Build and fund the digital public goods. At that time one of the core values is Give First. This is the fundamental of public goods (as well community).

So I started to involve in Gitcoin like bounty, tips, kudos etc, in the meantime, I translated some of great posts into Chinese.

For now there are many opportunities in GitcoinDAO, we need you to build the GitcoinDAO together ;) Find more info in next section.

How to join GitcoinDAO

There are 3 steps to join GitcoinDAO (All steps are in GitcoinDAO):

Step 1 - Fill in contributor application form from GitconiDAO Step 2 - Wait for the review result Step 3 - Apply to one workstream

Descriptions for workstream, refer to following: There are multiple workstreams in GitcoinDAO, e.g:

  • Fraud Detection & Defense (aka FDD) (Disruption Joe)
  • Public Goods (Scott More | Linh Tran)
  • dGitcoin (Philip Hutch)
  • Moonshot Collective (Ryan)
  • Memes, Merch, Marketing (Fred | Brittney)

I am in DAOOps workstream now ((former FDD), and leading the “user support” team. So if you are interested in “user support” of GitcoinDAO, please ping me on Discord;)

User Support of GitcoinDAO

There are several things in user support:

  1. Discord support - we would like to build a world-class discord support team here, any advice and ideas are welcome
  2. Knowledge base

Anything you would like to involve, please ping me.

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