Bob Jiang
Linda给我的触动非常大,71岁的老太太还可以从千里之外飞过来演讲。 并且她的演讲中small success, reflection regularly都再次打动我。 从与她的聊天中得知,2011年日本刚刚地震后的一个月,Linda就去日本做了Keynote演讲,令人敬佩! 随后她去某日本大学请教关于日本人长寿的秘诀,分享了两条给我们: No word for retirement – 活到老,干到老。退休后为兴趣而工作。 80% for every meal – 每顿饭只吃八成饱。 以下我一些流水账,以及我听的演讲中的要点: Overall: Reflect & Get inspired – Lean and Agile Conference总结 Actively contribute – sharing what I learned Network & have fun Fearless Change: Evangelist It’s about passion and learning Test the water Step by step Time for reflection Small successes What people like Feed them (do food) See things from their points of view (personal touch) Build grass roots (bottom up)