Bob Jiang 2021 summary

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Here is my 2021 financial report (simple version) without revenue from investment. - financial - agile training $150k - crypto salary $33k - crypto airdrop $30k - no include investment (like ETF and crypto investment)

So from the financial report, my major incoming is still from Agile training, (60%) which is not what I want. I will work out new plan for 2022 for the incoming structures.



I have different work for now, one of is Agile training as I am Certified Scrum Trainer from scrumalliance, so I could train the Certified Scrum Master (CSM) for individuals or organizations.


The other is crypto work, which I have lots of experience: In Aug I joined Gitcoin, leading user support team now. This is the level 1 support for Gitcoin users, and there are level 2 support from the Gitcoin core team (engineering team). So as level 1 support we had to face all kinds of user problems from the first use of the contributions to how to join hackathons. Now we have about 10 members in user support and we would like to have about 15-20 people in user support team to provide 24x7 services to Gitcoin users. Besides the instant (online) support, we would build self-service support and knowledge base for the users. And further more we would have smooth communications with engineering team.

If you have any experience or advice for the product support, please ping me. @bobjiang123

Other crypto projects

I am also involved in several crypto projects:

  • zkSync
  • ENS
  • Aragon
  • buildspace

2022 plan

Here are some draft plans for my 2022:

  • immigration
  • continue in
    • crypto product
    • investment
  • learn front-end and solidity and work as developer