Bob's Experience in GitcoinDAO

Bob Jiang
My experience in GitcoinDAO I had 2 posts to introduce what is DAO and what is GitcoinDAO. If you’re a newbie for DAO and GitcoinDAO, please refer to above articles. In this post, I would like to tell my real experiences in GitcoinDAO. I started the GitcoinDAO life since July 2021. For now my role is the user support lead, here is homepage for GitcoinDAO user support. I met Gitcoin in 2018 when I joined crypto at that time.

What is GitcoinDAO

Bob Jiang
What is GitcoinDAO Gitcoin is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization governed by the holders of the GTC token. Token holders delegate their votes to a trusted steward. Some choose to self delegate. The stewards then accept or decline actions by voting for proposals which pass quorum. Official proposals and formal conversations on governance can be found on the Governance Forum Informal conversation about workstreams, and idea sharing happens in **Discord** Checkout the documentation about the GTC/GitcoinDAO smart contracts.