This is marketing

This is marketing, a new book from Seth Goddin,

a genius of marketing,

I am one of his fans,

learning how to do marketing in the new world,

digital age,

his latest book is a great encapsulation of many of his major themes:

  • The job of marketers is to change people through stories
  • Go for the smallest viable market (as opposed to the minimum viable product)
  • "When you know what you stand for, you don't need to compete."
  • "People like us do things like this."
  • Treat different people differently
  • Price is a story you are telling
  • "Trust is as scarce as attention."
  • Earn the permission to send regular, expected communications to your customers
  • "Who would miss you if you didn't show up?"
  • Organize and lead your tribe
  • "If people care, you've got a brand."

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