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My experience in GitcoinDAO

I had 2 posts to introduce what is DAO and what is GitcoinDAO. If you’re a newbie for DAO and GitcoinDAO, please refer to above articles.

In this post, I would like to tell my real experiences in GitcoinDAO. I started the GitcoinDAO life since July 2021. For now my role is the user support lead, here is homepage for GitcoinDAO user support.

I met Gitcoin in 2018 when I joined crypto at that time. I was inspired by Owoki Kevin who would like to solve the most pain points (incentive) in Open Source Software (OSS) community. There was only bounty feature on Gitcoin website. For the Open Source Software developers, they could join Gitcoin community and solve the bounty to get the payments. Wonderful!!! At that time I knew Scott Moore in EthGlobal Singapore , and then I have translated several blog posts in Chinese and published on my blog.

Maybe you knew from 2018 to 2019 it was a bear market, I stepped out the crypto and came back in the 2nd half year of 2020. I am lucky that Gitcoin issued token GTC and launched GitcoinDAO in May 2021. And then I applied for GitcoinDAO steward and joined GitcoinDAO. Actually those are different work (I realized it recently). As GitcoinDAO steward, I have responsibilities to protect and grow the GitcoinDAO; but as GitcoinDAO contributor, I should work (contribute) for GitcoinDAO.

As GitcoinDAO steward, I join steward council recently, and will participate council and follow the steward council mandates. We have kicked off and this is the first meeting record.

As GitcoinDAO contributor, I am in User Support team, so if you have any questions or suggestions for Gitcoin product, please ping me on Discord. There are 13 support team members, we cannot achieve fantastic GR13 without them. If you have problem with Gitcoin product, please go to discord server ( and click #start-here channel and choose SUPPORT emoji.

We are here for you. If your problem is related with personal privacy like username, transactions information or wallet address, you’re welcome to create a ticket in #create-a-ticket channel.

Our goal is to provide high-quality supports to all the Gitcoin users.

There are some responsibilities for support team:

  • Answer user questions on Discord
  • Answer user questions on support email
  • Maintain the support knowledge base
  • Coordinate with other GitcoinDAO team (workstream)

We (user support team) are Gitcoin professionals, we are good at different areas like grants, bounties, hackathons, kernels etc. Absolutely we are rewarded correctly, every month (depending on workstream) our team member will get the payment from GitcoinDAO on time.

Here is our payment plan -

If you have better solution to pay the gig economic contributors, please ping me.

In summary, there are several tools used in support team:

  • Notion (GitcoinDAO used it)
  • Zoom (weekly meeting)
  • Discord (we are working on it)
  • Google sheet (for payment)
  • Ticket system (

So if you have any advice (or tools suggested), please ping me as well. We would like to provide high quality support to the Gitcoin community.