It's "沟通" in Chinese for communication. And there are 2 characters in the word "沟通", which is "沟" and "通".

The goal of communication is shared understanding, also "通", not just connection (it's "沟").

The meaning of "沟&q......

1000 steps

1000 steps to the goal,

which means continuous improvement,

if 1000 steps to different goal, it is not continuous improvement,

it is just 1000 steps, and cannot combine together.

compound interest from 1000 steps should go toward ONE goal,

My goal is to build a community or tribe......

This is marketing

This is marketing, a new book from Seth Goddin,

a genius of marketing,

I am one of his fans,

learning how to do marketing in the new world,

digital age,

his latest book is a great encapsulation of many of his major themes:

The job of marketers is to change people through sto......

How to earn money

Price vs. Value

Which one matters?

I am lost sometime, but should keep warning sign, focus "value" (delivery).

If I could focus value, the price will increase step by step.

So focus "valuable" thing, and keep working on it.

About Bob Jiang

BoB Jiang


To be a businessman

why to be a businessman

This is insight from my experience of 1 year entrepreneur. Why to be a businessman. The reasons are:

Each one is for "money" (at least some kind of "money" - here what I mean is short term, money; but long term might be reputation or shape.)

there ar......

Sydney Blockathon


自去年起,天钥团队及区块链社区 bitfwd 开始了一个实验,即主办澳大利亚的区块链黑客马拉松(Blockathon),聚集社区之力开发去中心化的解决方案。而这一活动也带来了伟大的成果,从那之后我们在悉尼,北京,上海和立陶宛都开展了国际性的区块链马拉松,效果令人惊叹。临近年底之际,我们又把它带回了梦开始的地方 - 澳大利亚悉尼。

从11月初开始,我们就开始举办预热研讨会。bitfwd 社区邀请到了 Connor Wiseman,Mark Pereira 和 Jasper Verhoeven 等人,来帮助教育参赛者必要的区块链,智能合约及用户体验设计等方面的基础知识。


Gitcoin Ambassador

What is Gitcoin

Gitcoin is a community for developers to collaborate and monetize their skills while working on Open Source projects through bounties.

So if you're a developer, please come to visit Gitcoin, and goto issue explorer and look for your professional skills to make the world bett......

Powerful questions for scrummaster


A good question is a window to the heaven. During working hard on a solution or problem, if we can ask a good question, we could get insights always.

For a ScrumMaster, who is a new role from Scrum, he should have good question skills, and always challege team by question them.


Applications in Ethereum


I twittered a message to list current awesome application in ethereum. Maybe some are not awesome. Let's review the list, and firstly categorize them:







Here are the lists for applications I collected by twitter:



Think BIG, but act small

Think BIG, act small

First heard this sentence 'think big, but act small', I am totally inspired. Why?

I am a trainer, and have many friends like me as trainers or consultants. Often I have some 'great' ideas, but I didn't move forward, so I would miss some opportunities as ......

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