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Powerful questions for scrummaster

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A good question is a window to the heaven. During working hard on a solution or problem, if we can ask a good question, we could get insights always.

For a ScrumMaster, who is a new role from Scrum, he should have good question skills, and always challege team by question them.

E.g ScrumMaster could leave the situation to the team.

In the morning the team had daily scrum, but someone was late. How to deal with it?

As a ScrumMaster, he/she could say after daily scrum, “I noticed that today Mike was joining daily scrum at 10:21 (let’s say it starts from 10:15 for daily scrum) , so team, what do you think about this situation?”

The key is the last question, just leave problem to the team, and let team thinking.

powerful questions

From above situation, what questions for ScrumMaster are powerful or useful?

Before listing the questions, here is a basic rule:

Identify the fact before your question.

Here is a ScrumMaster question list:

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