not only what you can see,

but also what others can see,

or others' expectation for you,

before coordination,

set up the expectation, and make it clear,

then no one won't misunderstand,

I learn it today.

About Bob Jiang

BoB Jiang



On the way back Beijing,

and then fly to Singapore in 1.5 hours

pray for no delay


it is a nice city,

I have been there for several times,

a bit hot,

but diversity,

and multiple cultures,

going to join hackathon

since is a short jour......

Do right things

do right things,

do things right,

very similar, but total different consequence,

if focusing do things right,

then easy to dive into the details

if focusing do right things,

then needs the deep thinking,






so I would like t......


Guiyang is a far city from Beijing,

a beautiful and small city,

here is the basis for National Miao,

beatiful clothes, and head ring

About Bob Jiang

BoB Jiang



中国北方的第一位CST(Certified Scrum Trainer)


敏捷变革中心(Center fo......

Github page service

It is easy to build a web page by choosing github page service, which could provide basic static web page.

you can visit to get more information.

Here is also an example for ERC875

There are several simple steps for you:

have a github account

sign in

create an organizati......


It's "沟通" in Chinese for communication. And there are 2 characters in the word "沟通", which is "沟" and "通".

The goal of communication is shared understanding, also "通", not just connection (it's "沟").

The meaning of "沟&q......

1000 steps

1000 steps to the goal,

which means continuous improvement,

if 1000 steps to different goal, it is not continuous improvement,

it is just 1000 steps, and cannot combine together.

compound interest from 1000 steps should go toward ONE goal,

My goal is to build a community or tribe......

This is marketing

This is marketing, a new book from Seth Goddin,

a genius of marketing,

I am one of his fans,

learning how to do marketing in the new world,

digital age,

his latest book is a great encapsulation of many of his major themes:

The job of marketers is to change people through sto......

How to earn money

Price vs. Value

Which one matters?

I am lost sometime, but should keep warning sign, focus "value" (delivery).

If I could focus value, the price will increase step by step.

So focus "valuable" thing, and keep working on it.

About Bob Jiang

BoB Jiang


To be a businessman

why to be a businessman

This is insight from my experience of 1 year entrepreneur. Why to be a businessman. The reasons are:

Each one is for "money" (at least some kind of "money" - here what I mean is short term, money; but long term might be reputation or shape.)

there ar......

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