feature team


Bob Jiang
为什么敏捷中不提倡子团队 Scrum中的开发团队,鼓励是 feature team 特性团队。下面我们来分析一下原因。 为什么是特性团队 我经常会讲到,组织中用什么结构都是可以的。组织结构是为组织目标服务的。 原来在老东家(JD)的时候,公司内流传这样一句话:3个月小调,半年大调。说的就是组织结构。 特性团队的定义是: A feature team is “a long-lived, cross-functional, cross-component team that completes many end-to-end customer features—one by one.” Feature teams are an essential element to scaling up agile development. Without a feature team structure (but instead, a component team organization—based on code ownership, combined with a single-function organization—analyst group, programmer group, testing group, …) your organization is likely to create numerous wastes and sub-optimizations that lead to a sequential (waterfall, …) development cycle.