On the way back Beijing,

and then fly to Singapore in 1.5 hours

pray for no delay


it is a nice city,

I have been there for several times,

a bit hot,

but diversity,

and multiple cultures,

going to join hackathon

since is a short journey this time,

I am full of schedule now,

if you would like to make an appointment,

let us make it happen.

About Bob Jiang

BoB Jiang


  • HiBlock区块链社区(发起人
  • 中国北方的第一位CST(Certified Scrum Trainer)
  • 国内的敏捷(Agile)大咖
  • 敏捷变革中心(Center for Agile Transformation)合伙人
  • 敏捷一千零一夜社区合伙人
  • 敏捷之旅核心组织者
  • 《Scrum精髓》译者
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