ScrumAlliance Trainer Retreat Update

ScrumAlliance Trainer Retreat Update

This is my first trainer retreat, and I am very glad to see many new friends and old friends here.

Julie is the facilitator today, and I appreciated her professional facilitation, we are on time to complete the open space.

In the beginning, we reviewed the community purpose as following:

And then Howard shared the Scrum Alliance new vision as 4C:

and the new community teams from Scrum Alliance:

I talked with several Scrum Alliance staff, they are excited with new organizational structure, and ready to face the new challenges.

By the end of beginning part, Julie went through the Scrum Alliance community journey with all attendees together, which inspired all of us.

In China, there is a saying:

Those who are being old are easy to recall the history.

So it seems I am old...


每日一问:对于Scrum Alliance的新变化,你还有哪些问题?



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