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My Working Guide inspired from Scrum

Posted at — Jan 17, 2016 阅读

During teaching Scrum and coaching on Scrum, I summarized following working guide as a reference:

Problem over Solution

Note: The development team focus on how to build software, so normally development team focus on the solution. But the purpose for building software is to solve some specific problems, so we need to focus on the problem over focus on the solution. Because sometimes to solve problem we don’t need to build a feature, and we have an alternative solution.

Outcome over Output

Note: Most organizations measure the development work by the velocity of completing features, but it does not make sense because more functions (or features) do not always create more values for the customers. So for the development team, they need to focus on how to maximum the value for the customer, aka the outcome of software, not the output of the team.

Feedback over Show

Note: Scrum is not a show. Specially for sprint review, it is NOT a show for team. Only show is NOT helpful for team. Actually during sprint review, it is important for the team to get the feedback based on the potential shippable software increment from the end users. Scrum is not a show, is not fast, is not to solve problems. Scrum is to expose the problems fast, Scrum is to get feedback fast.

Action over Talk

Note: “show me the codes” is a famous sentence in software engineers community. “show, don’t talk” is another famous sentence in agile community. They indicate that take action is more important than talk, talk and talk. So inspire the participants to take action in my class is more important than just talking talking and talking.