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Posted at — Jul 17, 2016 阅读

名词。对单个领域专家的贬义词,指的是该专家只是该领域专家,对多方面的问题只能采取狭隘的方法。 这个词是来自于德语,Fach的意思是专家。单个领域的专家我们不会叫他“傻子(idiot)”,不过这里指的是这个专家在其他领域像傻子一样,而只能精通一个领域。

Definition of fachidiot

Noun. A derogatory term for a one-track specialist who is an expert in his field, but takes a blinkered approach to multi-faceted problems.

Additional Information

The word originates from the German but there is no suitable translation into English. A “one-track specialist” is not quite right because you would not call someone like that an “idiot”. The “fach” comes from the German for “subject”. Example: “Despite being an expert in horticulture, the manager came across as something of a fachidiot when dealing with translation issues.”

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