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图书推荐:Invisible Influence - The Hidden forces that shape behavior

Posted at — Jul 28, 2016 阅读

这本书是我的偶像Daniel Pink推荐的,看了一下介绍之后感觉非常认同。我认同的理由是:




1. Invisible Influence: The Hidden Forces That Shape Behavior 


**by Jonah Berger **

IDEA: Peers are a powerful motivating force.  Trying to push yourself to achieve something? Or encourage others to hit an important goal?   Comparison to others, particularly those slightly ahead, increases motivation and performance.  Even others’ mere presence can make us work faster and harder.  Never exercise alone.

ACTION: Want to have more influence?  Next time you’re trying to persuade someone, be a chameleon.  Subtly mimicking others—their body language, mannerisms, and accents—increases liking and trust and facilitates interactions.  It makes negotiators 5 times more successful and nets wait staff 70% higher tips. So don’t just listen, emulate.